Board members of Sharing Kailynn's Sunshine returned to the Ronald McDonald House on July 5th to put on a meal for the 'Home for Dinner' program.

Sandra LaRose is the mother of the late Kailynn Bursic-Panchuk, who was lost too soon in 2018 after a tragic collision with a train. Sandra, along with Danielle Langston, Amanda LaRose, Tammy Grieve, and Hannah Grieve, fed the families staying at the RMH that day, after having to wait three years since the last time.

"So we did the same menu as we did the first time, hot dogs, hamburgers, pasta, salad, mac and cheese, Caesar salad and veggies and dip," LaRose shared. "We had an ice cream bar for dessert, and we cooked for 100 people. That night we served 55, but by the morning the food was gone because they had a full house. So, including staff, they had over 100 people in the house. I think there were 86 family members that were staying in the 34 rooms."

LaRose said she highly recommends the experience.

"If any groups ever want to experience an amazing place, you go up to Ronald McDonald House, participate in the Home for Dinner program, and get a tour, and get the story/ I will tell you, your eyes will be opened. That is one remarkable place."

She said the RMH runs solely on donations. 

"Obviously, McHappy Day through McDonald's, and all of the sales through that supports them, but the rest is all fundraising and donations. They get no government funding, and you stay there for $10 a night is what it costs to stay there." 

"That place has my heart and always will be," she stated. "If I could drive the two hours to Saskatoon from Regina to volunteer, I would. It's amazing."