The Weyburn Police Service is looking into reports of thefts from vehicles and a local business.  

The theft from the local business was reported over the course of the past weekend, said Police Chief Jamie Blunden.  

“Sometime Friday night, or early Saturday morning, we had a local business up on the South Hill that was broken into,” the police chief explained. “We had some cash and other valuable items that were stolen, so our members are reviewing some videotape. They’re also doing a further investigation into it.” 

In addition to the theft from the business, the past week saw reports of people rifling through vehicles, looking for things to take. Blunden said there was one call on June 5th about a vehicle parked in the Weyburn Trailer Court that had been gone through. Another report from the same day reported a similar incident, with an undisclosed amount of cash taken.  

The incidents are prompting police to issue a reminder that is frequently made at this time of year.  

“Out of sight, out of mind,” Blunden said. “Don’t have any change in the cupholder, and take anything out that’s of value – lock it in the trunk or bring it inside, so that way it doesn’t give those individuals that are of the nature to want to steal things that aren’t theirs, the opportunity to come in and take it from you.” 

The past week saw the Weyburn Police Service respond to over 100 calls for service, resulting in 29 total charges. Of those charges, 15 were under the Criminal Code, nine were under the Traffic Safety Act, and five were under other provincial acts or regulations.