This morning Gil Risling joined us on the AM1190 Morning show to let Weyburnites know that the Louisiana Hayride is coming back to Weyburn.

"We're heading back to Weyburn on March 20th, 2023," said Risling. "We had a bit of a hiatus with what went on over the past two years, which we all know about, and we're pulling back out and getting back on the road again, trying to get things back to some normalcy and get some normal concerts going."

The show is a recreation of a popular radio show of the same name and has been a favourite in Weyburn over the past decade. 

"It's just to honour some of these great entertainers that have entertained us over 20-30 years like George Jones, Tammy Wynette, Roy Orbison, Elvis and Buddy Holly," said Risling. "So this show is a tribute to honour them. And we recreate this. The Louisiana Hayride Show was a show that started back in 1948 and it was broadcast to all of North America. So all these entertainers back then got to go on stage and put on this show. For those folks who haven't been, we recreate that show and bring along the studio, that is, the stage set. Those amazing tribute artists just take you back in time to when the songs were meaningful and the words were understood and, you know, the sound was pleasant."

Tickets are $50 each and are currently available for the Hayride and can be bought online at or in person at Pharmasave Weyburn.

"If you're thinking of some Christmas presents or stocking stuffers, this might be a great thing," noted Risling. "Head on down to Pharmasave and pick the up."

"We need more entertainment, more joy, fun and laughter in the world and The Hayride provides that for you. It gets you away from what's going on these days and just gets you back to some fun and enjoyment and great times."