It's Pride Week, and in Weyburn, this means getting to make various items of self-expression!

Tonight at the Weyburn Public Library, a button-making event will be held from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m.

"You can make your a pride or pronoun button," shared Weyburn Arts Council president Natasha Hill. "I'm still wearing mine from last year and I plan to make more, and maybe I'll just have a whole jacket covered with them by the time we're on our 20th pride!"

The library will have some pre-made designs, as well as blanks upon which you can draw your own design. 

"I absolutely love buttons, I have buttons I collected from when I was in high school still. It's just something universal," Hill added.

"Last year, at Pride, we also made these buttons," shared Arts Coordinator with WAC, Regan Lanning. "I had one that just said, 'love is love' and it had some rainbows on it, and I wore it over top of my work apron for, oh, a month. In June we had a lot of field trips coming in from other communities and high school kids from a rural school came to make mugs at the Spark Centre."

"This one child was very shy, and very quiet to start off with. As the class kept going, they became more outgoing and when the class was over and I was cleaning up, they stayed behind to help me clean. When it was over, they looked me in the eye and said, 'I sure do like your pin'. And I said took it off and I gave it to them."

"That's why I don't have any pins left over," Lanning added. "But by wearing a pin that is simple as 'love is love', and proclaiming myself as an ally, this child who has probably been marginalized like living in a smaller community. And you know, maybe being different than the other kids. They were able to see that I was a safe person and became comfortable with me. And I don't know if they would have if I hadn't been wearing that rainbow button that showed that I was an ally."

Pre-registration is not required for this event.