The City of Weyburn's preliminary 2023 Municipal Budget was presented during the October 24th meeting of Weyburn City Council, and now it's up for review from the citizens of Weyburn. Read more HERE.

"Our administration took a move this year to show a very good transparency as to what it is," noted Mayor Marcel Roy. 

He said while the proposed budget shows a 10.34 percent increase, it needs to be said that half of it is Education tax.

"On a $3000 tax bill that you get for your residence, probably $1,600 of that, is Education tax right off the hop, so it's not all City tax, so that will remain $1,400." 

Roy said a 10 percent increase means only the difference of about $10 per month, "which is not really much considering that inflation running at seven percent, but I think it's more like nine percent income tax."

He said Weyburn needs to keep up with inflation in smaller increments. 

"It's a no-nonsense budget. It's not like we're doing a lot of stuff that's frivolous and fluff," he commented. "The stuff in the budget is all 'what we need'. Not that we've ever done a frivolous budget, but what they were doing, what needs to be done with the City and that's what the transparency of our administration showed here with this very basic formula."

The City of Weyburn is inviting residents to review the 2023 annual municipal budget and provide any feedback prior to November 18th, 2022, and to let City Clerk Donette Richter know if they'd like to speak at the November 28th meeting. 

"Hopefully they'll be one or two people that are or groups that are going to come to Council and voice their opinion how we should be spending the city's money in this next year's budget. We're moving forward with ensuring that all roads, and tourism, and things are moving forward, that our emergency services are set, to our snow clearing services."

Roy noted the City's budget does tie into the provincial government's budget plans.

"There could be this damaging recession going on in Canada and it could be devastating to a lot of Canadians, but in Saskatchewan we are so optimistic. We're going to see interest rates go up in the houses and et cetera, but we are going to have such a booming economy in here compared to the rest of Canada, and that's why the government is moving forward with their Saskatchewan First policy. So you're not going to devastate us here."

Find the City of Weyburn Preliminary Municipal Budget 2023 HERE.