At a busy regular meeting of Weyburn City Council last night, Mayor Marcel Roy commented during the Inquiries and Announcements portion at the end of the meeting support for the Town of Radville.

Last week, a fire burned down Radville's Town Hall and Fire Hall, adjacent/attached buildings. Read more HERE.

"The City of Weyburn and Weyburn City Council offers its deepest sympathies to the Town of Radville, its Administration, Council, and Fire Department, after the tragic structural loss last week," he commented. "Our thoughts and condolences go out to the entire community of Radville. The City Weyburn is here to offer support where we can, in the coming days, months, and years as you rebuild."

He added everyone is relieved to know that no lives were lost in the fire.

"We're also thankful the City of Weyburn's Fire Services were available to offer assistance on behalf of the community of Weyburn. Our hearts go out to you, our neighbors, our friends, and our regional family."

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