Midale Central School plans to offer another session with Broken Diamond Equine in 2022.  

The program introduced students to horsemanship with Tarryn McNaughton and Broken Diamond Equine.  

McNaughton explains, “ With Midale School, we did a weekly session to meet with kids and hang out with the horses. We would do little exercises, that might have involved leading them through obstacles, riding bareback for lots of them. Different things that helped them connect with the horse and practice some team building skills.  

The session was deemed as a success for the students McNaughton shares how the students succeeded, “Lots of the kids didn’t know much about horses to begin with, by the end of the last session most of them rode bareback and trotted. It was so cool to see the change the development of the kids.“ 

The horses at Broken Diamond Equine enjoy the opportunity with the kids, McNaughton comments “One session was working on fear and the kids helped the horses walk over tarps and things like that. Just to see the trust form between the horses and the kids is a cool thing, I would say the horses enjoy it.” 

Midale Central School will offer another session for their students, but McNaughton hopes for more classrooms and youth to get involved with the program. You can find her Facebook page or email info@brokendiamond.ca