Weyburn and area has seen above seasonal temperatures for the first part of January. It has some people wondering, how long it will last?

Terri Lang, Meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada, explained that the rest of January should see more of the same milder air, without the sunshine. She attributed it to a lack of a weather pattern.

"We're not seeing an influx of any big push of Arctic air, and we're not seeing you know, really mild temperatures, you know, above freezing or anything like that pushing in."

Lang said that we're in that in-between scenario, and when there is a lot of fog and a lot of low cloud, it makes for moderate conditions.

"We don't see a lot of fluctuation in temperature from night to day because the cloud kind of acts like a blanket during the night to keep in the warmth and during the day it kind of acts like a shield to bring in any of the sunshine to warm us up any, so we are running above average for this time of year."

She said that average highs for this time of year are around minus 11, and overnight lows are around minus 22.

"I think it makes it a little bit harder to tolerate because we're used to our sunshine here in Saskatchewan, and that's really been, you know, in short supply." 

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