By the end of this year, we could see the ground breaking on the new hospital here in Weyburn. 

The final competition for the construction contract for the new hospital was announced earlier this month. The contract is now down to two companies, PCL Construction Management from Stoughton, and Wright Construction Western from Saskatoon. Read more HERE

"It's great that we're down to the final two companies that are building on the design and build contract, and so as the tenders are evaluated, we'll be in a position to be awarding that pretty shortly and then, you know, we will see some movement on the ground in Weyburn, I think, by the end of this calendar year, so it's getting closer and it's getting exciting," said MLA for Weyburn-Big Muddy, Dustin Duncan. 

Duncan applauded the Weyburn and District Hospital Foundation for making the need for a new hospital known to the Saskatchewan Health Authority. 

"Certainly it's been a lot of work, our foundation has done such a great job of raising money and raising the profile of the need for a new hospital," he commented. "We've worked very closely with them and the SHA over the last number of years in kind of moving through the different steps in the process, but I'm getting excited that I think we're right around the corner from actually seeing a hospital being built."