After a night of unstable weather and storms that moved through the southeastern part of the province, we could see more coming through again tonight. 

The storms last night started just before supper in the Weyburn area, with a severe thunderstorm warning and a tornado warning issued for a system that moved through the Lake Alma and Radville areas. There was one report of a tornado, however, it has yet to be confirmed by Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

A second storm passed just to the east of Weyburn in the evening. That system continued through to Manitoba by the morning.  

While the heat warnings that were in place for the weekend have been lifted, the forecast is still calling for a daytime high of 29° with the humidex reaching 37. This is setting up the potential for more storms in the area. 

“We are expecting the main threats from these storms, if they become severe, would be gusty winds and maybe some hail as well and heavy downpours,” explained Danielle Desjardins, a meteorologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada.  

The system will be bringing some rain in general as well, with upwards of 20 millimetres expected in Weyburn by the morning.  

After the system moves off, temperatures are expected to return to seasonal – around 26° - for a few days before they start to edge back up by the weekend.