With the cleanup still underway from the winter storm that hit southeast Saskatchewan this past week, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) is telling everyone to brace for more. 

A snowfall warning for the southeast part of the province has been issued, with upwards of 15 centimetres expected by Sunday afternoon. 

“This next system that’s going to start tonight is going to basically give about a 10 to 15-centimetre snowfall for south-central and southeast portions of the province,” explained Eric Dykes, a meteorologist with ECCC. 

After the snowfall ends, there will be a drop in temperatures, with lows for Sunday night as low as -17°, which could set some new records.  

Dykes pointed out that, unlike the system that hit the province earlier in the week, there won’t be a lot of wind. While there may be the odd gusts around 40 km/h, most of the wind speeds will be around 20 km/h out of the north.  

Temperatures will also remain below normal, not only for the southeast and south-central parts of Saskatchewan but for much of the province. Normals for this time of year range from 13° in the southeast and southwest, to 10° in the Humboldt area. The forecast highs for the week are expected to be in the 0-5° range, with the overnight lows getting quite chilly at times. 

So when can we expect things to truly warm up as the last gasp of winter ends? 

“It doesn’t look like we are going to see temperatures that might even resemble something closer to normal until we get perhaps, not this Monday but next Monday,” Dykes added.  

You can get the details of what we can expect by checking our Five Day Forecast.