Attracting new businesses to Weyburn and highlighting all we already have here is what Weyburn City Councilor Laura Morrissette said she wants to see more of in 2023.

She said the our local businesses are unique and diverse, attracting tourists and keeping families in our community.

“There are so many gems here in Weyburn, and we need to really highlight what they've got to offer,” she shared. “That attracts people as well. We've got everything from plant stores to really great clothing stores and just really niche market things.”

Morrissette said these niche businesses drive tourism, but when people come to Weyburn to visit, they still need to support our local hospitality and essential businesses.

“They not only need to buy what they come for, but they need gas. They need food as well, so I think everybody benefits when we really showcase what we already have here in Weyburn.”

In addition to being a City Councillor, Morrissette also has a full-time job and a family to care for.

“I can balance those afford to live here in Weyburn and raise my family all at the same time, and my kids have all sorts of fantastic opportunities that, you may get one better in a Regina or a Saskatoon, where they could play professional hockey or something like that, but we have such fantastic levels of service here in Weyburn, I don't want to leave. My kids still have all sorts of great opportunities.” 

The 2023 dates for City Council were approved during the December 12th meeting. They are mainly the second and fourth Monday of every month.

“It's nice to know because then we can plan our lives around the the Council meetings. Most of us have jobs outside of Council, so you know for a working mom like myself,” commented Morrissette. “I'm grateful to the public for letting me have that freedom as well because I love serving the public, but I'm a mom first.”

Another exciting addition to Weyburn's ecosystem this year will be the new Beekeeping Bylaw, which should result in seeing more hives in local yards in 2023.

“I think it's a neat process,” Morrissette said. “There's so much to getting into the bees where you have to take the education and then it's quite a cost and investment. It costs a lot, and then the maintenance of the bees, and you never know if you're going to get a healthy hive of bees when you purchase them so there's time, there's investments, so people really need to think before they want to get some bees for their backyard, but I'm looking forward to it.”

She noted the bylaw does include guidelines and safety measures, as well as requirements to ensure people don't feel threatened by having bees in their neighbourhood, and to ensure healthy hives.

“You have to make sure that they're healthy. They need food. They need water,” she explained, adding that bees are a food source and therefore people need to think about if they are going to make that investment.