The Canadian government is suspending the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for domestic and outbound international travellers, and federally regulated workers starting on June 20, 2022.   

Souris – Moose Mountain MP Dr. Robert Kitchen said this change is a half measure.  

“It's something we've been pushing continuously on this government to make these changes months and months ago,” said Kitchen. “It's gone long past where the studies have indicated the value of it, and you see around the world they have taken off all these measures and to allow for travel. It's nice to see that we're going to be able to get some Canadians that haven't been able to get out there to travel, but it's too little, too late.” 

Kitchen said this vaccine mandate has been a huge hindrance to the aviation and tourism sectors.  

“We have a huge tourism industry in the riding that's being totally harmed, not to mention the Canadians just wanting to see their loved ones, whether it's in Canada, family members, weddings, funerals, etcetera.”   

He said the fact that the government is suspending the mandate means it could resume again. 

“It just plays into what this government continually does. They're using this avenue to basically punish or wedge Canadians and create division amongst them. That word is basically leaving it open for them to turn around and shut everything right back down again.” 

The suspension comes into effect on June 20, though the requirements for foreign nationals coming to Canada will not change.