Alex, Duke, Romeo, Cletis or Harold? One of these will be the name of the pony at the Weyburn Therapeutic Animal Park.

WTAP Board President Jodi Larson said $5 gets you in on the vote to determine which name will be chosen, and you can vote either in person at the park or virtually.

"They can vote at the park through the ballot box that is available there," she noted. "All of the funds raised through the fundraiser will go to continuing operating the park." 

"We are hoping to pick the name in a little less than two weeks and then we'll make sure to keep the community posted on our Facebook page," Larson said.  

The pony in question, she added, is on loan from a community member.

"We're really grateful that all our animals are interesting tests for the summer, and so it gives our volunteers and our community members really great opportunities to interact with the animals we have at the park."

faithPhoto by Faith Hagen.
kidPhoto courtesy of WTAP/Facebook