After a significant contribution again this year, the 4-H members in the area have Nelson Motors and Equipment of Avonlea to thank for so much support.

General Manager Jaret Nelson said they recently donated $15,500 to 31 4-H Clubs in southeast Saskatchewan.

'Many of our customers were 4H members and their children are members, and we believe strongly in it," he shared. "We have a tight bond with the group, so since 2015 we've donated more than 100,000 to the clubs." 

In fact, the family-owned and operated business has donated every year since 2015 and, combined over the years, has donated $104,000 to the 4-H program.

"We believe that 4H is a great organization that helps the youth build foundations to become leaders in our community," noted Nelson. "My nieces and nephew have belonged into 4H and for years and we've done pancake breakfasts for the 4-H crews when their showing days and it's unbelievable, watching those kids, their work ethic, and dedication to the animals, and the hard work they put into to get them ready for the show, and  it's inspiring." 

"We are excited for them as they gain the skills and knowledge that the 4-H program offers."

Nelson Motors and Equipment is a farm family-owned John Deere dealership headquartered in Avonlea, Saskatchewan, with stores in Estevan, Oxbow, Radville, and Redvers. As a prominent agriculture service provider, Nelson Motors and Equipment is focused on helping southern Saskatchewan families grow life and a living, out of the land.

He said while they don't find it easy to take a photograph with each club during the endowments, he often does receive thank-you cards.

"It's just something we believe in. It builds good character for people and it's a good service."