Southeast College has signed a $64,000 multi-year scholarship agreement with the Walker Wood Foundation.  

The Walker Wood Foundation, which is based in Ontario, has committed to a $16,000 annual contribution for the next four years, totaling $64,000 toward scholarships. A percentage of the contributions will be matched by the Government of Saskatchewan through the Saskatchewan Innovation and Opportunity Scholarship program. 

“It's pretty exciting,” said Sheena Onrait, manager of marketing and communications for Southeast College. “Anytime that we can bring in new scholarship dollars to Southeast College, of course, that means we are also giving out those scholarship dollars to students. So, anytime we bring them in, it's super exciting because then in a few months' time, we're going to be giving them back to the students and that's where that's needed the most.” 

Onrait said there was an application process for entering into this scholarship agreement. 

“The Walker Wood Foundation believes strongly in education, and I can't remember if it was us that contacted them or them that contacted us, but they had dollars to give away in the form of student scholarships, and they're passionate about learning and post-secondary.”   

Each spring, six $4,000 scholarships will be awarded to Southeast College post-secondary students.  

“There will be criteria that will be built out within the next month or so before we launch our scholarship campaign to our incoming students in 2022-2023, but there'll be 6 scholarships for the Southeast College region every year,” said Onrait. “Of course, it'll be an application process combined with our other scholarships and bursaries that we give out each year.” 

She added more information on the criteria will most likely be released in early September.