Coming off of a busy, but successful year, the Weyburn Salvation Army is hoping to build and expand on some of its programs for 2023. 

"Every year, our lunch program expanded," noted Community Ministries Co-ordinator Ronza Reynard. "We're hoping in 2023 it's going to expand a little more. We're just trying to work on some details with that." 

She noted that they are excited about the new year and some of the ideas they have.

"We have a couple of drop-in activities here right at our building in our Community Family Services," she said. "We're going to be rolling out a new program, the middle of the year. It's called Pathway of Hope and that will enable the staff here to work a little more one-on-one with some individuals and eliminate some of the barriers that have been put up in front of them and help them succeed. So, a little bit more information will be coming as we get closer to the start of that program but it's something that the workers here are very excited about."

She noted that the Salvation Army team will be getting some training ahead of the new program and it will be "a nice new twist to some of the ways we do things here."

"Sometimes people, they just don't realize," said Reynard. "It could be something that we think is an easy thing because we have it but for somebody else, it might be like, I can't find a job, I don't have a license. Well, what's stopping you from getting a license here? Let's help you. Let's get you in the right spaces so that you can go and get a license and then, once you have your license, that maybe opens the door for employment or maybe housing or something like that. So that's the way that the program works and it's pretty exciting that we can be a little more part of the life of the person or family and help them succeed."

Reynard also wanted to thank the community for all they do for the Salvation Army over the year. 

"Well, I just want to say on behalf of the Salvation Army here in Weyburn that we really appreciate every person who steps up and helps us, whether that be volunteering hours, monetary donations, food donations, donations to our thrift store. All of this helps us be here for each other and to help your neighbour, help a co-worker. Just be supportive in the community, and so we just are very, very blessed and we appreciate the support and the trust that the people have in us at the Salvation Army."