Local fabric artist Jaynie Himsl has been working on an exhibition now on display at the Weyburn Gallery, on the upper level, entitled, 'Can I Have Your Attention Trees'.

Not only the upper level can be seen from within the gallery itself, but it can also be viewed from the walking track of the Weyburn Credit Union Spark Centre.

Himsl said her exhibition was inspired by a smaller version she had made, which hangs in her home. She said the tree on that piece appeared to be screaming for attention.

"It's based on my concern for this lack of attention being paid to environmental concerns, so to me it's the the trees are screaming for attention," she explained. "It's eye-grabbing and attention-grabbing, so it's my way of making the trees scream that they need our help."

She said she created the collection over the past six to eight months last year and contacted the City Curator last spring about displaying the works.

"I felt like working with bright colors and trees, and leaves and such are common themes for me," Himsl noted. "Of course, art is always open to interpretation. Other people will see different things in the pieces, which is perfectly fine, and I quite enjoy hearing about that different people see in the pieces, even if it's totally different from what I had in mind, it's all good."

The exhibition will be on display for the next six months, and they're on the upper walls of the gallery due to how large the pieces are. What's more, is that they're made up of mostly upcycled fabrics, which can be repurposed for the next project.

"For the largest one, the pieces on there are the usely hand stitched on, so I can take them off and use the background for something else, if something else comes up," Himsl shared. "Part of my mission is to use repurposed fabric, so most of the fabric to make all of the pieces is second-hand, thrifted, scrounged somewhere or other. There's very little that's brand new. Keeping it out of the landfill."

Himsl added she's grateful for the opportunity to make the pieces and have them shown in the local gallery.

"It's a thrill. It's great support in the community for art, artists of all sorts, and it's wonderful to be part of it."

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