Weyburn was the location of a book launch on Saturday. 

The book, ‘Summer of Sci-Fi and Fantasy, Vol. 1’, is a collection of short stories put together by editor Dustin Bilyk, who is behind The Author’s Hand in Saskatoon.  

“There are 23 short stories of science fiction and fantasy from 23 authors from all across the world, chosen from 400 submissions, so it’s the best of the best,” Bilyk said to describe the book. 

The launch was held at Collabartive in Weyburn. The selection of the location came about after a conversation with his friend Krystal Glowatski, who is co-owner of the store. 

“She invited me down here from Saskatoon,” Bilyk explained on Saturday. “I made the drive down yesterday, and she offered up the space and I gladly took it. I wanted to see her new place here at Collabartive.” 

The 23 authors include some familiar names. One of the stories in the book comes from Edward Willett. A world-renowned author, he got his start here in Weyburn back in the early 1980s.  

So why go the route of a collection of short stories?  

Bilyk has written novels in the past, and has worked with other authors, but has always been drawn to the short story form.  

“Anybody can pick up the book and enjoy at least one of those stories, and they can discover new authors through that as well,” Bilyk added. 

The book is now available at Collabartive and other bookstores in the province.