A new service is now available through the Weyburn Public Library. This week, they launched the Kanopy streaming service for members of the library. 

“Kanopy is a new free streaming resource that has been has been made available by the Weyburn Public Library and Southeast Regional Library to allow patrons to use their library card to stream documentaries, movies, TV series, and just about anything else you can imagine that is there on the Kanopy site,” explained Deborah Schrempel, the branch manager of the Weyburn Public Library. 

The service is similar to other streaming platforms such as Netflix or Disney+. In order to take advantage of the service, all that is needed is a valid, current public library card. There are no streaming charges or monthly fees associated with the service.  

“Just go on, log in, and away you go,” explained Schrempel. “That's all there is to it, and it's really super simple to download the app and put it on either your smart TV or any of your other devices that you use for streaming.” 

The service is now live through the Weyburn Public Library.