A new platform is coming for contractors to use for bidding in the City of Weyburn.  

"We are moving to a complete online service, so electronic building that will be through a bids and tenders portal, and basically this will be where contractors will submit their bids for any kind of tender, RFP, or RFQ that the city sends out,” explained Jennifer Wilkinson, the Director of Engineering with the City of Weyburn. 

The new process will replace the email submission method that has been in use at City Hall. Wilkinson pointed out some of the benefits. One is that it ensures that everything needed for the bid is submitted. Another is that it eliminates the possibility of an email submission ending up in a junk folder, or not arriving in the inbox on time.  

“We aren't missing on any bids that get submitted and basically the city waiver will have their own portal on the bidders can go on,” Wilkinson added. “They can look through everything they can, make sure they have everything in place, and be able to submit it through that portal.” 

The new platform is called bids&tenders and will launch on January 23rd. To help with the learning process for the new platform, the city will be holding a webinar on Monday, with experts from the platform itself on hand to help answer questions.  

Registration for the webinar is free, and those who are wanting to take it in can register ahead of time on the City of Weyburn website.