Want to try ice skating but you're new to Canada and not sure if you'll like it enough to invest? 

The Southeast Newcomer Services is offering the rental of skating equipment from their office for newcomers to rent, even if they can't make their own investment at this time.

"We call it a skating library, a loaning program. So they can come in, and for a small fee, and get the skates and go to the free skating and try it," explained Settlement Advisor Laura Eddy.

She said they have multiple sizes of various equipment.

"Then they bring them back and then we do the maintenance on them and, if they want to they can take them for a week."

Eddy shared the reasoning for the rentals.

"Everybody's like, 'let's go do a skating event', but I can't take 30 people and guarantee that they're going to have skates. And the other thing is, is if I take them, they need to have a helmet for liability. So this was to kind of to fix that problem."

She said many newcomers "want to skate because they realize that that's what all Canadians do."

Equipment can be found at the Southeast Newcomer Services office.

"They could just call and make sure that we have enough skates and book them or whatever, see what we have for availability and then they just come in and pick them up and sign a paper that they have them and then they'll bring them back." 

Find the City of Weyburn Leisure Guide for skating times HERE.