Calling all readers! The Fillmore and District Lions Club, in collaboration with the Fillmore Public Library Branch, has recently added a little pop-up library to the Lion's Park in Fillmore.

The idea behind the free pop-up library is simple: Have a book? Leave one. Need a book? Take one, and share the love of reading with everyone in the community. 

Jari Palmer, Secretary of the Fillmore and District Lions Club, said that Jen Wasylkowski, Fillmore Community Events Coordinator, had contacted the Lion's Club a while back about starting a pop-up library at the Lion's Park. 

lending libraryPhoto courtesy of Jen Wasylkowski.

"it didn't take much discussion really for us, the library did most of the work. We just told them they could go ahead and put it at the Lion's Park. It's a great addition to what we already have at the Lion's Park, it's a little playground area and shaded area for families to sit and enjoy ... the perfect addition for the community." 

Palmer shared that the Fillmore Public Library Branch, [Dana Wall-Smith, a library board member], installed the little pop-up library, had it built and painted, did all the fundraising for it, and now it's there for the community to enjoy. 

"For some that maybe don't have the funds to buy books and love to read, they can just come borrow a book and take it back, or replace it with a different one."

As well, Palmer explained that the pop-up library is located near the playground where kids are playing all the time, as well as beside the store and the bank. "So as parents are shopping, their kids are playing and maybe now they can sit in the shade and read a book as well."

Lion's ParkPhoto courtesy of Jen Wasylkowski.