Nickle Lake Regional Park had its AGM last night, where a variety of things were discussed such as the past year, upcoming projects, and financials. 

“Last year we had a number of challenges for the park from COVID guidelines to finding enough staff,” said Nickle Lake Regional Park President, Doug Lumb. “This past offseason we built a new workshop and it should be completed in the next month or two.” 

Reeve Norm McFadden made a funding announcement for the park. 

“The RM of Weyburn made a 10-year commitment of $50,000 a year towards the park for future upgrades and whatnot,” said McFadden. “This is the first cheque for that. This is our oasis, let’s look after it.” 

Lumb said that they will continue to add to the park, and upgrade facilities each year.  

“Some other projects we plan on doing this season are increasing our water storage capacity, playground, and dock on Crescent Point Camp and the dog park.” said Lumb. 

When it comes to financials, the balance sheet was consistent with previous years, capital assets had increased, and revenue was up around $170,000 from last year.