The Weyburn Police service received a call from a local business after a gas drive-off last week.

"Sometimes these are honest mistakes, where someone either tried to use a card and didn't realize that it didn't go through at the pump, or they pump their gas and then inadvertently walk in, buy something else, and forget to pay," explained Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype. "But there is some absent-mindedness in some cases and this is one of those."

He said police were able to identify the vehicle owner due to surveillance cameras at the gas station. 

"The owner was rather embarrassed, went down, paid for it right away," he noted. "This was an incident where it was just a a mistake. "If the business realizes that, yeah, this isn't your everyday criminal and it was more of an error than yes, they're very willing to just have the customer contacted and and have the fuel paid for."

He added that no charges were laid.