With the arrival of the new year, many are thinking about improving their health and fitness and proper nutrition is a key component to improving and maintaining any healthy lifestyle.  

“Making new year's resolutions to improve our health is really easy but sticking to them can be the more difficult part,” explained Barb Wright, Nutritionist for the Saskatchewan Health Authority. 

To help people be successful on their health journey Wright recommends first taking time to consider the changes that you want to make and write them down.  

“When you look at your current health habits think of the things you can do and the positive changes that you can make,” explained Wright. “Consider how those changes are going to make you feel, are they going to give you joy or are they going to make you angry and feel guilty, try to choose the joy over the guilt.”  

“You want to focus on one or two resolutions at one time, don't get overwhelmed by choosing a whole bunch of them, just a couple at a time that you can easily achieve, those quick wins will keep you motivated,” added Wright. 

“You want to fine-tune those resolutions, make them specific, measurable, action-orientated, realistic and timely, and then seek support,” explained Wright.  

Consider the buddy system, reach out to someone such as a friend for the support you need this will go a long way in keeping you on a successful path.  

“You can always contact a registered dietician to help you out with those goals as well and just keep trying,” encouraged Wright.  

“Prepare yourself for some setbacks that’s normal, some goals are going to be harder to achieve than others and that’s okay if you get off track,” said Wright. 

Setting up an environment that is conducive to your desired goals is also important for goal setting.  

“Look at your environment, where ever it is you might be eating, and identify what is helping you and hindering you from reaching your healthy living goals,” explained Wright. “Improve the unhealthy prompts like candy bowls and cookie jars, redesign these places with healthy prompts to support these positive choices.” 

Eat Well Saskatchewan, created by the College of Pharmacy and Nutrition, offers FREE, confidential, one-on-one support with a registered dietician who is available to answer your questions. https://eatwellsask.usask.ca