Those who use the gas price comparison app GasBuddy, have seen that some cities like Weyburn are posting lower prices.

While not a significant difference, a lot of people might want to know just why some cities tend to have cheaper gas.

Patrick De Haan, Head of Petroleum Analysis at GasBuddy, says the reason for the change is competition.

"Sometimes there are pockets of competition where prices go up and down. Now there have been some refinery issues in areas of the Great Lakes that have contributed a bit to volatility. Some stations and some gas bars pass along those changes a little bit quicker than others, but there's not a whole lot of rhyme or reason other than competition."

"There may be a station in that area that is acting more aggressively at lower prices, something that can emerge in some areas but not others. But other than that, there's not a whole lot of explanation that can be offered aside from a varying level of competition." 

Anyone looking to save some money by traveling to those cheaper gas stations may want to reconsider.

"It's usually not very economical. You really need a lot more savings than just a couple of cents a litre. Usually that savings would have to equate to 10 to 20 cents a litre, especially depending on your vehicle. A bigger vehicle arriving further out of the way would be less fuel efficient and you'd need bigger savings of potentially 20 to 25 cents a litre or more to make it economical, but we certainly don't encourage anyone driving significantly out of their way."

"What motorists can do is if they have a certain path that they take to work or to the store or something else, if they have to make those travels using the GasBuddy app or an app like Google can help you find those lower prices that are along your route so that you're not burning more gasoline trying to find those lower prices."

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