Creating a diverse organization is integral to ensuring a thriving and safe community. Policing is a career where females definitely contribute to positive outcomes within the policing culture and the greater communities.

Constable Alyssa Kaczmar with the Weyburn Police Service, reflected that as far as she can remember, she has always wanted to be a police officer. 

"I think sometimes it has its challenges," Kaczmar noted in regards to policing, "but I think we are beneficial, and every job needs to have females in some capacity." 

Kaczmar went on to say that there are certain files and victims that sometimes prefer to deal with a female police officer. "At times it can be helpful to have a female member to deal with certain situations. Sometimes it is helpful, however, at times it also has its challenges as well."

For females interested in a career in policing, Kaczmar said that you have to be physically and mentally strong.

"So I think, just working on your physical fitness, you know, just getting some life experience in some relative fields." 

She explained that male or female, if policing is something that an individual has always wanted to do, it's definitely an attainable goal.

As well, she shared that if anyone has applied once or twice and they haven't been hired yet, to not get discouraged.

"It can take officers applying more than one or two times in order to be successful. It's a very rewarding career. I do really enjoy working in a smaller community like Weyburn, because we can really go above and beyond to help the people that we're dealing with." 

"I think there's definitely some benefits to having a female police officer on each shift," she said, "and we're lucky to have that here in Weyburn."

Kaczmar added that she feels valued as a member of the Weyburn Police Service and that women are definitely needed in the profession. "We get to work with some great people."