Did you know that we have around 12 kilometres of developed Tatagwa Trails around the Weyburn area?

Curtis Block, Parks Manager with the City of Weyburn, said they also keep maintaining the trails to ensure ease of use for all residents and visitors.

"These trails include, Signal Hill Trail, Redcoat Trail, there's a trail between 1st Avenue north and Saskatchewan Drive, and a trail along Fifth Avenue north," he shared.

He said there is a newly-developed trail located in the green space near Coteau Avenue east.

"We're currently working on and trying to finish construction on that, so this trail will go from about Coteau Avenue east right up to Highway 13." 

Work began last summer on repaving the Red Coat Trail, which is located west of the exhibition grounds.

"It is scheduled to be finished repaving this summer. This will complete what was started last summer, so that should be almost 100 hundred percent complete." 

He added they are also hoping to asphalt on the trail at Coteau Avenue east, "however, this is yet to be determined to when this can actually be completed." 

Block noted you can almost use the trails entirely throughout the whole city, some areas of which include urban conservation areas.

 "These trails have really been a lot more busy than they ever used to be, due to COVID, people who wanted to go out there and be active while social distancing, and those trails were perfect for that."

Find a map of the Tatagwa Trails system HERE. Watch a video below of a ride through the trails system. Find it all on the City's trails page HERE.

grPhoto taken by Glenn Rogers on the River Park trails.