April 2022 is National Poetry Month. The Weyburn Public Library will be celebrating this year’s poetry month by hosting an Open Mic Night on Monday, April 25th. 

“We’re opening it up to more than just poetry we're going to have some poetry readings and some musical performances,” said Krista Klemmer, Adult Programmer. “It’s open to all ages, absolutely anybody can come and perform.” 

Klemmer shared that the poetry does not have to be original work as she will be performing a cover song from one of her favorite artists.    

“You don’t have to be a performer to attend, we are welcoming audience members, if you do register for the program be sure to let us know if you would like to perform or not,” said Klemmer. 

Klemmer also added that if anyone would like to share anonymously, she would be happy to present the work or if anyone would like to share virtually, a recording is also welcome. 

To register for the Open Mic Night, you can contact the Weyburn Public Library at (306) 842-4352, the evening will begin at 6:30 pm.