It's a familiar face at the helm of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce and Weyburn Regional Economic Development (WRED). Monica Osborn is the new Executive Director, after working with the Chamber as the Office Administrator for the past five years.

"I've learned, from a few different Executive Directors, different things of how the job is," Osborn explained. "So I'm very familiar with the ins and outs of the Chamber world, and how economic development works. I grew with taking on different roles and tasks within the Chamber, and so eventually it just kind of made sense to apply for the position when it came up, as I was quite knowledgeable on how everything worked and how our office operated. We just have really great dynamics in our office, and to keep that going was super important for me." 

She said she really enjoys the Chamber world. 

"Our members are great, and the events that we put on, I think they're super important for the community, as well as the business members," she stated. "We always have to keep them top of mind, and that is what the Chamber is focused on, is the business portion of our community. We want to make sure that we're providing them the great quality and service and information to help build that stronger community, both economically and socially." 

Osborn recently took on the role of Show Manager of the Saskatchewan Oil & Gas Show. 

"It certainly helped take me to the next level of organization management leadership, all of that. So it definitely helped, being able to take on that contract last year and continue going forward with it in the coming years," she said, noting that network and business connections are how we grow local business.

As she moves into the new role, Osborn said she'll be reevaluating all their initiatives.

"I just want to make sure that I'm still connecting with our members, and providing that quality service for them, and I just want to make sure that people feel as though they have that trusted voice who can represent them, as our members, to result in a sustained economic growth and support their business needs."

The more 'fun' side of the job, of course, under the umbrella of the WRED, is Weyburn Tourism and all its various initiatives aimed at locals enjoying our own many attractions.

"We want to make sure that people are getting out and exploring their own city, and welcoming people into our city, and sharing their experiences," she shared. "So with the, 'Be a Tourist in Your Own Hometown' [campaign], it's just a great way for people to do those staycations, promote our city. We're only a couple of people in this office, so we can only promote our city so much so the more people that we have behind this, promoting it, the better that it is."

Osborn said even if a business doesn't think they're part of the tourism industry, they are.

"Every single business that's in Weyburn, they're part of what brings people into our city and spend money, and it just helps with the growth," she commented. 

She said they're trying to ramp up their Instagram page for Weyburn Tourism, and to add more reels, to make it fun for all ages. In fact, the summer student they hired this year, Teresa Weger, will be taking in the various local tourist attractions and reporting back via social media.

"It gains yet another audience that we can target for the younger generations to get out and explore their own hometown rather than just saying oh there's nothing to do," she said. "There is lots to do and when they can see that another person of their generation is going out. having all this fun is just a great way to connect them to what's actually happening in their own hometown." 

Stephen Schuck, President of the Weyburn Chamber of Commerce, said Weyburn and its business community will be well-served by Monica in her new role as the Chamber's Executive Director. 

"She has the experience and talents to ensure Weyburn remains one of the easiest and best places to do business in Saskatchewan. The Board is excited to see what she accomplishes in her new role." 

The Board of Directors also extended their thanks to Larry Heggs as outgoing Executive Director as well as a past board member and President.