Just weeks after Weyburn experienced a record-setting snowfall, another massive dose of precipitation is expected in the region over the next few days. 

Environment Canada is calling for upwards of 70 millimetres, or more, to fall on the Opportunity City by Sunday. 

"We're looking to amounts of 30-40 mills tonight and another 20-30 during the day tomorrow," explained Natalie Hasel, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. "We do have rain continuing on Friday night and Saturday before it finally clears later in the day Saturday, or the evening towards the nighttime."

The rain is expected to again put a hold on seeding for farmers in the region, on top of delays they were already experiencing after the storm last week.

If the upper levels of the forecast are seen, it will be the rain equivalent of the snow that fell on Weyburn during the storm in late April. The amount of rain expected could also lead to some localized flooding, as the storm sewer system works to keep up with the amount of rain. 

You can track the system as it approaches using the radar here, and find more weather information here.

-with files from Andrew McCormack/discoverestevan.com