The Humane Society takes all the extra help and support they get with love and are extremely grateful, they've got another fundraiser on the go, and this one is a little different.

 This time around they're doing an online 50/50 that's right it's online, no paper whatsoever! We spoke with the Secretary of the board for the Humane Society Lisa Marie about this,

"It's our first ever online 50/50 raffle completely paperless we just have a link on our Facebook page and you click on it and put in your credit card information say how many tickets you want and all your information."

Tickets are only ten dollars each and there are only 1,000 tickets available for purchase, so your odds of winning that jackpot are pretty good. But if they don't sell all the tickets they can't give away that five thousand it would be a little lower but for only ten dollars you won't lose out on much if you don't win that jackpot and you're supporting a great cause. 

"Tickets are available for purchase until May 11 at 6:00 pm and the draw date is May 11 at 7:30 pm all Saskatchewan residents are able to purchase and eligible to win so we're looking forward to selling out and hoping lots of people buy tickets."

They got this idea to do an online 50/50 to avoid the delays and issues with sending transfers and waiting for responses as most people have a credit card.

You can buy your 50/50 tickets here. 

If you're able the Humane Society could really use some donations as well like puppy food and bleach.