Animal control is currently working to get badgers and gophers under control on a portion of Signal Hill Trail. 

The area, north of River Park and along Highway 39, is currently blocked off after a badger sighting. 

“We're asking people to stay away from that area until at least the barricades have been removed,” said Curtis Block, parks manager for the City of Weyburn. “Badgers can be very aggressive if people and pets and children happen to accidentally cross paths with them.” 

Block gave some advice on what to do if someone should encounter a badger in the city. 

“Calmly vacate the area immediately, and we ask that they report the incident and location to the city,” said Block. “They can phone 306-848-3290 if this happens.” 

He added that while badgers are small, they can be aggressive and will protect their territory if they feel threatened. 



A portion of Signal Hill Trail, north of River Park, along Highway 39 is temporarily closed due to an active and curious badger.

The City of Weyburn was made aware of the badger and its cubs, and put barricades and signage in place until pest control can address the situation. 

Residents are asked to avoid the area at this time.