Due to some construction that happened along Highway 39 earlier this year, a portion of  the Tatagwa Trail System is now closed. 

Paige Tenbult, Communications Coordinator with the City of Weyburn, said, "It's along the Signal Hill Trail, so that's near New City Garden Road, kind of over closer to River Park campground but along Highway 39."

Tenbult said that the Tatagwa Trail is going to be closed until further notice.

"It's really covered with water right now and the area is kind of deteriorated due to some of the work and the culverts in that area, and also with the upcoming weather, the rain we're expecting here recently, it's probably going to also be affecting that area."

"The city of Weyburn wanted to remind users of the trail that if they start over on the Signal Hill Trail over by 16th Street, they're not going to be able to connect fully," Tenbult said.

The Tatagwa Trail System connects fully around the city of Weyburn, Tenbult explained, but she said that that portion right now is closed off. They are encouraging people for the time being to stay away from that area just because of the nature of the deterioration. 

Having said that, Tenbult said that the recent warmer weather is a fantastic opportunity to get out and experience the city of Weyburn facilities, such as the River Park campground and all of the green spaces in the city.

"Also one of the jewels of our community is the Tatagwa Trail. It's amazing that it can connect throughout the whole city, so you can start in one area and do a full lap and circle."

"But just unfortunately, this area by Highway 39 is just closed until further notice, so we encourage people to still go on the trails, still experience what Weyburn has to offer, but just to avoid that area for safety."

Updates regarding Tatagwa Trail will be on the city of Weyburn website, which you can access HERE.