Even though the Weyburn Quota club has been dissolved, their legacy is continuing as a number of their events are continuing thanks to the support of other community organizations. 

Earlier this month, the Rotary Club hosted the annual Festival of Carols and, in May, we can expect the YF Wives to do similar with the Women of the Year Awards. 

"They (Quota) have put on the Women of the Year Awards for 20 years and they have done such a great job," said Dallen Hodgkin, co-chair of the new Women of Distinction Gala. "And we are so thankful that they have passed it to us, and we can kind of change it around and kind of make it our own and we are just wanting to just make it a little bit bigger, for a bigger celebration for all the women."

Hodgkin noted that while the YF Wives have been coming up with new ways to be involved in the community, this change was actually Quota's idea.

"They actually had approached us to take it on and we are just very thankful for that that we are just another community women's group that I think is a really good fit for this gala."

The gala will be held on May 5th, 2023. The group is currently working on all the details and lining up sponsorship.

"We are going to have an evening gala to just celebrate the women in our community," noted Hodgkin. "To bring recognition to all the amazing women and entrepreneurs that we have in our community."

She also noted that they will be posting more details on the Weyburn YF Wives Facebook page.