Weyburn's children gathered yesterday at Jubilee Park for the Bike Rodeo, which was held from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., with volunteers from the community helping to ensure safety for all.

Organizer, Constable Melinda Mintenko with the Weyburn Police Service said around 140 children were in attendance, who will soon receive certificates of completion, followed by a feedback form. 

"For like 22 years we ran the old kind of course, so this was some ideas from the old course, but it was obviously something different than what we did, and we spread it out through the park, and then added in the barbeque. I'm interested to hear more what the community has to say about it." 

"A couple of my partners got good feedback," she shared. "Some came up to me and they did say that they felt it was a lot of fun, and they seemed to like it better that it was in the park and more spread out." 

She said about 10 children joined them for the Summer Parade this morning, as well. 

"So that went really good. It went off without any problems, and the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves with that as well. So I think overall it was a you know it was a big success." 

Numerous organizations were on the scene helping out with the bike rodeo yesterday, including the Weyburn Salvation Army, which ran a barbeque.

"SGI sent two reps from Regina, as well as the local SGI sent one. Andrew Agencies had three volunteers, Weyburn Fire had volunteers come out, the City of Weyburn had their workers come out, and they helped us set up and one actually helped with some other things. Mike Manko-Bauche with the Weyburn Mountain Bikers came out to represent, which was really, really awesome." 

"We had a local educational assistant from the Comp, she came and helped, and Paula Ely from Acquired Brain was there as well. Leisure and City Works was paramount in setting up. They're you know, setting up all those signs, and helping chalk, and things like that." 

She said a number of Comp students also attended as volunteers decorating bikes.

In addition to WPS staff, their Chaplain, Jody Pfeiffer helped them out, and some community members loaned the ramps.
"Westrum Lumber gave us the stakes that we pounded in the ground, Young's Equipment donated the use of the grill and delivered that so that was pretty cool," she shared. "We also had Stacy Kosior from the Ag Society." 

Mintenko noted she worked with the Weyburn Young Fellows President, Chad Bailey, to ensure they could run the bike rodeo while the YF was setting up for the big concert event tonight.

She said the event sponsor, Canadian Tire, in addition to providing a JumpStart tent, with materials available, also gave a bike away to one lucky girl. 

And, they were also able to give away some additional prizes thanks to the South Prevention Institute. 

"I'm happy with the turn out, and how everything flowed. Anyone that wants to provide any feedback on the rodeo, we would love to have that." 












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