The Saskatchewan Oil And Gas Show is coming back after three years, on June 1st and 2nd at the Exhibition Grounds in Weyburn.

It was recently announced on social media that Conservative Party Leadership Candidate, Pierre Poilievre, will be returning to the event once again this year. 

"We've always kind of made it an objective and a goal to have good provincial representation present from our elected officials, and also federally, and the last show we actually had Mr. Poilievre, Mr. Deltell from Quebec, and our M.P. Dr. Kitchen, which was terrific, so it's great that we've got Mr. Poilievre coming back now, that he's running for the leadership of the Conservative Party," said Board Chair of the Oil Show, Dan Cugnet.

"I think he enjoyed himself at the show last time and wanted to come back again and we're thrilled to have him back."

He said Poilievre will have some brief words and greetings at the Legends and Hall of Fame Luncheon on June 1st at the Curling Rink, and will also be spending time on the grounds for the afternoon, for some meet and greet opportunities and photos. 

"I think he'll tour the exhibits and the grounds and just meet with everyone we've got there. So that's very exciting for us." 

Mayor Marcel Roy said it just goes to show Weyburn is on the map when it comes to the oil and gas industry.

"I think it's very exciting, because Pierre Poilievre is very pro-oil, and he's pro-west, and he sees the vital necessity of oil. He knows that oil isn't going away."

He said while the oil and gas industry has been the subject of some criticism, it has its place, especially here.

"We have one of few provinces that simply does not have fast-running water to produce electricity, so we rely on natural gas," said Roy. "We rely on nuclear power, and coal to generate our power."

"The idea of solar and wind, as far as I am personally concerned, those are still way far off," he commented. "People can pound their fists, and say that they're here, but they're only producing 10 percent. Solar doesn't work at night time, the wind has a problem with all the weather and everything. We need stable power. Coal and natural gas produce stable power. And we're moving into nuclear, which is 10 years down the road because of all the regulations." 

Roy said he is looking forward to what's going to be happening in the Weyburn area here in the next few years in the oil and gas sector.