An increasing place where scams are starting to pop up is through online marketplaces such as Facebook. With that in mind, the Weyburn Police Service is offering a few tips to help people avoid getting scammed.  

Constable Alyssa Kaczmar pointed out one of the things to keep in mind is the online profile of a seller themselves.  

“If a profile looks like it could be fake by only having one profile picture or no profile picture at all and no information on the Facebook page, they don’t have any mutual friends in Weyburn, just be aware of that,” Kaczmar explained.  

The photographs used can also be a sign that the ad is a scam. 

“If pictures look like they just could be pulled out of random places on the internet, and they don’t look like they’re all the same background within a house, that’s also just something to be aware of as well,” Kaczmar continued. “A lot of people are posting pictures and then they will even turn off the commenting on the Facebook so people can’t warn others this is a fraud post.” 

An urgency to complete the deal is another sign that the situation is potentially a scam.  

“They’re requesting e-transfers as soon as possible to hold an item, and that’s a way that people are getting money taken from them,” she added.  

Kaczmar finished off the recommendations that if something seems fishy, it probably is, and you shouldn’t send any money until you are able to see the item in person.