The Weyburn Police Service was called to a bar fight last week.

"We are notified that there was a physical altercation at a local bar. Officers arrived, but the altercation was done," explained Deputy Chief Brent VanDeSype. "The officers spoke to the individuals and just warned them that they could be charged under the bylaw for training. In this instance, they were just warned."

He said the City of Weyburn's fighting bylaw spells it out clearly, there is to be no fighting, even if it's consensual.

"You are susceptible to be charged under the Bylaw," he said. "There are ways to have legitimate fights, such as a boxing match, or MMA or something like that, that's sanctioned and approved. But fighting is dangerous in every instance."

VanDeSype elaborated to illustrate his point.

"We've seen it in the past before where bar fights resulted in someone being seriously injured, or even a fatal situation where the fight wasn't even that significant. One person trips, falls, gets pushed backwards and hits their head on the concrete. That's quite serious."

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