The Weyburn Police Service dealt with a couple of instances wherein a fire had to be put out with the help of the Fire Department. 

On Monday, July 25th, police and fire responded to a van that had caught fire from the inside. The van was extinguished by firefighters with no other property damage or injuries.

"That cigarette was left inside the vehicle and started the fire within that vehicle itself," explained Police Chief Jamie Blunden with the Weyburn Police Service. "So when working with the fire department they were able to come down and obviously put the fires out and we were able to go from there."

Officers also responded to a report of a 20-something man lighting a fire on the ground and throwing it in a dumpster near Dollarama. The suspect, a man wearing grey sweats, black sweatshirt, red toque, immediately fled the scene. Police are still investigating the incident.

Blunden noted the WPS and Weyburn Fire have a good relationship.

"I think that relationship that you build with them really goes hand in hand, and as the years go on, you will be able to work with each other, and you compliment each other in regards to what you do. So we go to a fire and help them out and they come to some scenes for us and help us out so it's a good partnership that we do have with them."