One man was arrested and is now facing numerous charges, after an incident at a local bar last Friday night.  

Weyburn Police Chief Jamie Blunden explained the situation started when a call came in about a patron at the establishment damaging the VLT machines, and refusing to pay their tab. One officer was dispatched to check into the situation.  

“At that point, the individual became abusive and violent with the officer,” Blunden said of the situation. “He was pepper sprayed. The pepper spray didn’t have lasting effects, and eventually, our member ended up having to go to another use-of-force option, at which time, after it was delivered, he complied and he was taken into custody.” 

The other use-of-force option utilized by the officer was his baton, Blunden added.  

Other officers had been dispatched to assist the situation, and a community member assisted the officer at the scene, an act that Blunden appreciated.  

The police chief noted the situation was a dangerous one, in part due to a large size disparity between the officer and the suspect.  

“The individual we were dealing with at the time was probably two and a half times the size of our officer,” Blunden described. “This individial was 6’5” and well over 300 pounds, so our officer showed a lot of courage and fortitude when he was there.” 

In addition to the damage to the bar, the suspect is also said to have smashed the rear and side windows of the police cruiser, while also threatening the officer. As a result of the incident, the suspect is now facing several charges. These include three counts of mischief to property, fraudulently obtaining food or lodging, resisting arrest, assaulting a person assisting a police officer, two counts of assaulting a police officer, uttering threats, and failing to comply with a breath demand.