This past weekend on Sunday, February 12th, the Fillmore Recreation Centre collaborated with the Fillmore and District Volunteer Fire Department for a Pop-Up S'more event.

There were 100 cups of hot chocolate served, 85 s'mores assembled and savored, and approximately 80 people in attendance of all ages and abilities. 

Jenna Wasylkowski, Fillmore Community Events Coordinator, shared that togetherness was well missed during the peak of the pandemic, "A lot of our businesses and fundraising opportunities weren't able to happen or had to pivot, and the small rural towns all felt it. Not only the effects of the pandemic, but also the loss of volunteers and participants." 

Wasylkowski shared that everyone needed some gathering, some re-introductions and opportune moments to visit and meet others for the first time. 

"The idea of a Pop-Up S'more event was presented to me during a virtual meeting that South East Sport, Culture and Recreation hosted. I knew as the Community Events Coordinator my job was to collaborate and make opportunities for the many boards and committees," she shared.

She explained that she reached out to the Fire Chief of the Fillmore and District Volunteer Fire Department, Chris Palmer, who not only organized the members to come out, but they also took care of the fire, and went above and beyond by showcasing their equipment so everyone could learn and experience what they do, including their grain bin rescue equipment.

"Both the kids and adults enjoyed making s'mores with the crew. Safe to say there are a lot of kids who now want to be firefighters when they grow up!" 

The Village of Fillmore received a grant from Sask Lotteries for various events, so they were able to rent the rink and take in public skating, as well as make use of the Fillmore Recreation Centre for the event.

Wasylkowski added that she wanted to thank the Community Events Committee for knowing that rural communities deserve to thrive, as well as a massive thank you to the Fillmore and District Volunteer Fire Department for their trucks, participation, hard work and time. She said they would love to do this event again, as the feedback from everyone was overwhelmingly positive. 

"Thank you to the Village of Fillmore for choosing us and making the funding possible with the help of Sask Lotteries. Thank you to JK Palmer Farms for donating the wood, and a thank you to the Fillmore Recreation Centre for providing the space, the beautiful rink and delicious canteen. As well, thanks to our wonderful community for supporting this event and attending."