Prairie Sky Coop has moved the Purolator drop off and pickup location from the Suds City C-Store to their new Home Centre, located near the intersection of Highway 13 and Highway 39, on the west side of the city.

"It's a very busy service, and there's lots of people that aren't home and don't have a safe place for packages, so then this is an area that Purolator can use to make sure they get their packages to them safely," said General Manager Kevin Arthur.

He noted the Home Centre, just like Suds City, is just a depot.
"You just go to our till and say, 'I got this on my door that I got a package', and then they'll get it for you," he explained. 

Arthur said anyone who wants to send using the location needs to get it all ready online and just drop it off, as nobody will be able to help out with that process at the Coop Home Centre.

"We're storing it here so any of the customers that used to go to Suds City can just come here and pick up or drop off their Purolator packages."