While many people may bring out their boats this long weekend, it’s important to remember to keep our water free of invasive aquatic species.  

Lindsey Leko, a senior conservation officer in the Weyburn area said they have been noticing many boats on trailers with the plugs still in. 

“This law has been in place now for three almost four years now, so we've got a pretty firm directive from our senior staff that the days of the warnings are done with,” said Leko. “If your boat is on the trailer and it's moving on a roadway the plug has got to be pulled. If not, you're going to be facing a fine.”   

He added if you have a boat or any other type of personal watercraft and you come across an inspection station you must stop for an inspection. 

“If you fail to stop the penalties are really severe and there's just zero tolerance anymore for that.”   

Paige Collopy, an Aquatic invasive species ecologist with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment said her main job is to oversee the watercraft inspection program. 

“That means supervising all the summer students that we hire every summer that go out and check people's boats to make sure that they're not carrying any aquatic hitchhikers on their boats.” 

Collopy added it’s important to keep your watercraft clean, dry, and drained from any water that might be on board.  

“Every time you leave a water body, you should be visually inspecting your boat, making sure there's no plants or mud hanging off the trailer, pulling that plug to make sure you're draining any standing water on board and doing your best to dry any equipment on board.”   

Zebra mussels are one of the species that the Ministry of Environment is trying to keep out of Saskatchewan as they negatively impact the food chain.