Just in time to kick off Pride Week in Weyburn which begins Sunday, June 4th, there will be line-painting done tomorrow with rainbow colours in the crosswalks at the intersection of Third Street and Coteau Avenue. This could affect traffic in that area, which is something drivers should keep in mind.

Arts Coordinator with the Weyburn Arts Council, Regan Lanning, said it's not a public event. 

"This is something that smaller group of people are going to do, so it'll be members of the Weyburn Arts Council and the members of CUPE90, which is the city's Union and also we've invited the Queer Alliance Club at the Weyburn Comprehensive School to come and help." 

"We wanted to have that visual representation so people take notice and then they're like, 'Oh, this is Pride Week'," noted Weyburn Arts Council President, Natasha Hill.

Pride Week events begin Sunday, with a friendship bracelet-making class at the Weyburn Art Gallery from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m.

Lanning said a simple fishtail braid was introduced during last year's Pride friendship-bracelet-making class.

"This year I will have that technique, but also more elaborate techniques that could not easily be completed within an hour and a half or two hours, so that will require you to continue working at home on this project, but I will have more complicated, more in-depth instructions and then you can decide what projects you would like to make and follow the instructions."

Hill noted, "there is no age restriction on that event. We only ask that if you have children 10 or under that you accompany them to help because we don't have enough hands to individually work  one-on-one with people." 

Lanning shared some of the personal significance of friendship bracelets from her own experience.

"We moved around a lot when I was young and we would always move in end of June, beginning of July. So I usually had two months where I had no friends, and one of the things I used to do is make friendship bracelets because I really had faith that someday I would have friends again and so I would make all these friendship bracelets."

She said at some point she realized, "Not everybody spent months of their lives making friendship bracelets, so this is a really good introduction. There are different levels of complexity and you get to decide what level you're sitting at. If you want to do like a quick and easy friendship bracelet, you can do the fishtail braid. If you want a more complex one, then there are more patterned options also."

A full week of creatively-inspired events is planned for Pride Week, including a Pride Flag-Raising Ceremony at City Hall at 12:00 noon on Monday, June 5th.

"The public is invited to come and witness and take part in," Lanning invited. "Laura Morrissette will be there, she's the Deputy Mayor. She will be handling the flag raising at City Hall."

Read more about the Pride Week events HERE and follow Discover Weyburn for more detailed stories as the week progresses.