Producers have been able to make some progress in the fields here in southeast Saskatchewan. 

The weekly crop report from the provincial government, released Thursday morning, showed that 44 percent of the crop was in the ground. This is up from 17 percent last week, but still behind the five-year average of 81 percent. 

The delays for the region have been primarily due to rain, snow and cool weather since the start of the growing season.  

That’ll largely be in the western half of the region,” explained Matt Struthers, a crops extension specialist with the Ministry of Agriculture. “The eastern half of the region, still getting a lot of rain and their fields are quite wet, so most of the progress is in the west.” 

The precipitation, though, has been beneficial for topsoil moisture conditions throughout the region.  

The cropland topsoil moisture is rated as 34 percent surplus, 60 percent adequate, three percent short and three percent very short. The hay and pasture land topsoil moisture is rated as seven percent surplus, 81 percent adequate, nine percent short and three percent very short.  

The pasture conditions have also been improving, rated as 20 percent excellent, 51 percent good, 24 percent fair, four percent poor and one percent very poor.