With seeding now complete in the southeast, producers in the region are keeping an eye on things such as crop development and moisture levels. They are also taking care of things such as in-crop applications as the weather allows.  

The moisture levels in the region have been fairly good this past week, according to the most recent provincial crop report, issued this morning by the Ministry of Agriculture. For cropland topsoil moisture, 90 percent was rated as adequate, with six percent surplus and four percent short. Hayland was rated as 86 percent adequate, three percent surplus, 10 percent short and one percent very short. Pasture land came in at 84 percent adequate, three percent surplus, 12 percent short and one percent very short.  

The report did state crop development overall was falling behind normal stages, due in part to cooler temperatures, high winds as well as delays in seeding thanks to rainfall. The growing conditions, however, are reported as good with many of the crops being reported in excellent to good condition.  

There was some crop damage reported in the southeast over the past week. Minor crop damage was attributed to excessive moisture, frost, and hail, while elevated crop damage was reported due to flea beetles, gophers and wind. There was also some minor crop damage attributed to grasshoppers.