It's that time of year again when the roads get a bit slippery and the snow starts to pile up.

Director of Engineering for the City of Weyburn, Jennifer Wilkinson, explained more about how to plan your commute during the winter months.

"When it comes to snow removal, obviously we ask residents to take their time, plan a little extra time in your commute as we do have snow plows and graters and lots of equipment out. We do ask that you keep a distance from this equipment and give them space to work for your safety and for their own safety. When we do snow removal we always start on our primary routes, and those are the ones that we're going to open up first, and those are our big arteries through the city.

She explains where you can find out more information on snow removal routes.

"If you have any questions about which routes are primary versus a secondary, you can go to our city website at, and we actually have maps on there that outline what each street is labeled as because we'll always start with primaries before we go to secondaries, and then we go to collectors." 

Wilkinson reminded drivers to be a bit more careful when conditions are slippery and wet.

"We ask that you drive a little slower through the intersection, and plan your stop a little further ahead to make sure you can handle the slippery conditions."

"We do have our sanders out on a continual basis but of course temperature plays a factor in how effective salt is. It's just being aware of the conditions, taking a little bit of extra time and giving the workers and the equipment room to work. If do you see detour signs, please do not go around them, please actually take the detour, because we do have people working and we do put traffic control signs in place for the safety of the workers, so please do obey them."

Wondering what to do with all that snow in your driveway and on your property?

"When it comes to snow removal on your property, it is actually against city bylaw for you to shovel that snow onto the street, You are actually required to shovel any snow from your driveway onto your front lawn or your own property or side property, so you actually cannot shovel from your driveway onto the city property. We just want to remind residents of that."

Visit the city website at for more information.