The hospital staff shortages in Radville have been an ongoing problem for the last few years, and a concern for the community.

Rene Bourassa, Mayor of Radville and Chairperson of the Community Health Board in Radville, said that it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

"The direction doesn't seem to be getting any better and it's either we're short our nurses, or we're short doctors, and then it goes right down to our emergency, our ambulance, you know, and we're just short-staffed. It's not just Radville, it's a concern all across the province and across Canada." 

Radville has a fairly new health centre, but Mayor Bourassa said that they are short a doctor and "it really limits our staff again." 

"We can all say that it's, they don't want to move to the small community, but I think it's the shortage right across. Like our ambulance workers, we're working on getting a full time and we're still having problems with it, it's just tough for the community." 

He said right now if someone had a fracture and emergency is closed, they get sent to Weyburn and more than likely they get sent to Regina. 

"We've had meetings and met with the Minister over it. They have a problem, like it's a big problem right across the province. Hopefully they get it worked out here, it seems they're working on it."